Friday, 20 November 2009

How to take perfect landscape photos

Be one with the Land.

Buyers and collectors have accepted photography as art for some time, but only if it's artistic value. Great landscape photography sells because the buyer is looking for escape and the need to dream. As a species, we have always been linked and drawn to the landscape. Do you have a love for the countryside and an understanding of landscape?

When you're out in the open air, away from the hustle, what do you ...

... Sunlight filtering through trees and dancing on the landscape?

... snow on the mountains and a gushing river in full flow?

... coastal cliffs of the shimmering sea lapping on the shore?

... a brooding sky casting a spell on the moors swept by the wind?

... the warm glow of the sunset at the end of the day?

... or mists and changing patterns of wind, clouds and magical light?

Do you see the beauty and feel the connection?

To produce a beautiful landscape picture you must understand the countryside and how light affects it. You must have a passion for the land and experience an intimate connection with nature. The best way to achieve this is to explore an area on foot and become part of the landscape before taking photographs.

On your walk look for:

* Light (shadows and highlights)

* Shapes (round and angular)

* Color (harmony and discord)

* Texture (rough, smooth)

* Composition (strong and weak)

* Tones (light and dark)

* Patterns (even or odd)

* Mystery (? And?)

So next time you go out with your camera looking for that Vista open hills and mountains, also observe the intimate details in the landscape photography and maybe just a small section of the picture.

Your personality and your vision must go through a photo you take is up to you to capture the essence of the landscape in front of you. If your photo work, the person viewing your image will feel they can go into your image and living the emotion of being there. A great landscape photograph is a great escape.

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